GarvSe Center: Strengthen PwD livelihood ecosystem; Work with multiple stakeholders; Replicate and scale nationwide
India Map with GarvSe Center Locations

Enable India has embarked upon an outreach plan to strengthen livelihood ecosystem for PwD at various villages, towns, and cities across the country. These livelihood ecosystems will be built and driven by GarvSe Centers which will be the nodal center in the region to connect and work with all the stakeholders of PWD.

GarvSe Center (GSC) is a nodal center which strengthens the livelihood ecosystem of PwD through collaborating with stakeholders such as local Government, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Skilling partners, Volunteers, Parents of PwD, Employers, and any other relevant stakeholders to leverage their expertise and support for providing livelihood opportunities for PwD in the region.

As of date, there are 8 operational GarvSe Centers:

  • GarvSe - University Connect Program – Mysuru and Lucknow
  • GarvSe – Swashakti-Rural Livelihood Program – Gadag, Koppal, Bengaluru Rural, and Hassan
  • GarvSe - Sabal – Noamundi
  • GarvSe – Corporate – Bengaluru City

GarvSe Partners

Logos: Allegis, BD Tatti, CMSSS, GASS, JSS PDA, Smarthya, Tata Steel Foundation; RSETI

“Thanks to Enable India for guiding students in attaining livelihood means and JRD University is always ready to cooperate with EI for related activities in future. Requesting EI for more such career shaping activities for other disabilities too”

Vice Chancellor JRD University, Chitrakoot, UP

"Enable India has introduced me to and trained me on the skills that are required in the current market. Thank you for helping me become qualified in those skills and be competitive in the society

– An employed student (Deaf) from Mysuru region

"I have walked miles to meet with the govt. officials, on several occasions. I may or may not have received responses on expected lines. Thanks to Jagruthi Mela, I met with all of whom concerned under one roof, and got all my queries answered."

- PwD after attending the Jagruti Mela at Bengaluru Rural

"After the EDP training I started farming and successfully availed a bank loan. I had few difficulties initially, but with the support of people around me I have overcome it. I have now expanded by business and learning new things everyday. Now I tell my story to other EDP trainees."

- EDP Trainee from Gadag