News room

Elderly man reading news paper

Highlights of the Quarter

Our founder and managing trustee speaks at Workability International at Stockholm, Sweden.

Shanti spoke on Blueprint to scale and sustain livelihood for persons with disability. Dipesh spoke on value of the Social Enterprise model in the Disability Sector and the innovative engagement models.

Sponsoring an award for social impact

EnAble India solutions sponsored a social impact: Assistive technology award of 1 lakh rupees. The award is known as BCIC INCLUSIVE INNOVATION AWARD

Digital literacy across the Nation

Enable India through its Enable Vision cell has launched a Digital Literacy Programme throughout the country. Different android apps like EYE-D and Be My Eyes were also demonstrated to the candidates.

A decade enabling India

Hemavathy G, Santosh Kumar Y, Sandesh HR and Suresh Kumar, are all disability professionals. They have been working in the disability space for more than 10 years now. All these four members of the team were honoured and their decade long services recognised during one of our staff meetings.

In the Media

Enable India on Air with Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Our program manager, Moses Choudhari, was on Radio Mirchi on 26 June 2018 on a show dedicated to understanding disability. Moses spoke about how to interact with Persons with disability.

Enable India is Looking for Partners in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Other Countries in Africa and Asia!

Find out more by reading the Enable Vaani fact sheet or by watching the presentation from the Zero Project Conference 2018.

Namma Vaani: Lessons from an unusual social network

We must be aware how sections of our society can leverage (or not) the social systems we develop

The Most Powerful Women In Business 2017

Shanti Raghavan, Founder of Enable India has been recognized by Business Today Magazine as “The Most Powerful Women In Business 2017” in the Women of Impact Category.