Photo of Shanti Raghavan; Dipesh Sutarya and Pranesh Nagri

Founder's Note

Enable India is considered the pioneer in the space of disability livelihoods. The last three years has been about scaling the pioneering initiatives. We are very excited with the developments of the last year – it has been a landmark year for Enable India and we are emerging as a thought leader nationally and on the global stage.

We say this with a huge sense of responsibility and being fully cognizant that every work we do has been achieved due to the power of a collective. Our work is built on the foundation provided by many wonderful organizations and individuals who are doing great service in the disability and livelihoods. And their work has made us what we are today.

So what has happened in this one year that has been so path breaking?

We have scaled our work on the ground to many states and districts and have seen the universality of the tools, solutions and methodologies that we have been using so far. We have also come up with newer livelihood and training models which take into account the ground level realities of human resources available for the disability sector and hence can be scaled despite the enormity of the task.

We believe in the power of communities, diverse local teams with the right passion and heart. We believe that real scale with depth and quality is possible only through collective impact of every person putting their mind to it. Hence, we have started harnessing the power of collectives to create movements and missions. Leaders can move mountains! The collective is primarily of company leaders and NGO leaders, peer alumni leaders with disability across India. This has shown us the way to move forward with respect to scaling that is sustainable, long term and result oriented.

Most importantly, we have started a movement for the collective of rural disabled across states with our disruptive social network platform which uses a simple mobile phone. This has helped us reach the unreached and under-served.

We have re organized ourselves into honeycomb cells to achieve the above and have created career paths (bands) for our staff. Our achievements are thanks to an extremely diverse staff including persons with disability and women in leadership and in all band levels.

We thank our funders and well-wishers and each one of you for your support and urge each one of you to join the movement.

Power of the Collective

Where We Stand

After 14 years of working; with 1.5 lac stakeholders; servicing 20,000 persons with disability; across 28 states and 95 districts
we know the livelihoods landscape is ever changing and can be paradoxical since it has so much to do with changing mindsets. We are out there to take everybody along to make inroads and find pathways.
Our achievements have been due to our energetic staff –
30% senior management are persons with disability (visually impaired, physically disabled); 40% senior management are women; 46% staff are persons with disability (6 disabilities - visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically disabled, cerebral palsy, learning disability, psychiatric disability)
So what has happened in this one year that has been so path breaking?

Strategic Highlights

In the last year we have been scaling in multiple ways- by harnessing the power of collectives to create movements and missions, building leadership and networks which will have far reaching impact. 

Support Services

Support Services are the baseline for our organization to function efficiently.

Organizational Well Being

of our staff think that Enable India is a Great Place to Work* (*GPW survey based on 5 dimensions- Credibility, Respect, Pride, Fairness, Pride, Camaraderie); 99 Staff membersunderwent the Staff Training Program; 188 staff and candidates attended 7 POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) training sessions; Staff Welfare Committee set up; Interview Process Streamlined; Revamped HR and Staff Welfare Policies


(S – Self Development P – Performance I – Image and Inclusion C – Career and Competency E – Exposure) is a performance appraisal tool developed by Enable India. It is included in the ‘My Growth Plan’ of every staff member to ensure his or her holistic development in the organization.

Knowledge Management Desk (KMD)

is a tool to hold a knowledge base of our learnings, experiences and insights. KMD Champions from all teams work together to keep this tool running.

Process Audits

In an effort to bring in a standardized process for teams, Enable India started having process audits for all teams. After every audit, teams are recommended changes, which has helped us arrive at Process 1.4.



Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd., Allegis Services India Pvt Ltd., Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives, Bank Of America, Charities Aid Foundation – Accenture, Charities Aid Foundation – Oracle, CIPLA Foundation, Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd., Goldman Sachs Services Pvt. Ltd., HT Parekh Foundation – An HDFC initiative, JP Morgan India Pvt. Ltd., Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd., Robert Bosch Engineering, Tata Steel Skill Development Society (SABAL), The Hans Foundation, UTC Aerospace Systems/Goodrich Aerospace Services 


United Way of Mumbai.; Oniondev Technologies Pvt. Ltd.; SCPwD Governing Council.; Voice of SAP; JSS Polytechnic for the Differently abled; Phicus Social Solutions/Phicus Trust; Intel Corporation; Hindustan Unilever Ltd; HSBC Electronic Data Processing (India) Pvt. Ltd; Rotary Cochin Global; Karna Vidya Foundation; India Inclusion Foundation; Adecco India Pvt. Ltd.; NASSCOM Foundation (Knowledge Partner); The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad; RUDSETI; RSETI