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Livelihood resources, community driven, One stop for scaling

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Looking for solutions for livelihoods?
Use Academy for tools and resourcesUse Namma Vaani to network with rural population; Use Support Services (such as Eyeway) to support stakeholders.

Have products for scaling?

Do you have tools or models for scale? Working on models for enabling livelihoods?
Get access to the Academy platform to get a wider audience; Contact us to understand feasibility and to build the strategy.

Want to scale your work?

Want to run campaigns on Academy?
 Use existing community driven networks (DNA-Karnataka, Viable network, Workplace solutions champions network); Use platform to create community driven networks; Use Namma Vaani, tools and resources from Academy.

Some interesting statistics

1,40, 078 visitors across 134 countries
5,990 course takers
4,891 Dowloads
325+ resources

What People Say

"I have ordered various publications from Enable Academy..... you can find job related study material. this website is helpful for persons with disabilities. I have studied word doc earlier but there are lot of other information, which I am getting to know through the publications. I go on the website daily to check if any new information is available. after finishing my current study material i will do some other online course."

No image Tika Ram Mahto, Course taker

"I have 75% disability in my right leg and I am looking for a better job. I went to Enable Academy website for a resume template. The platform is very helpful. I liked everything about it. I enrolled for a course how to make a good resume and downloaded the template for myself."

No image Budhiram Murmur , Course taker

"Eye tool: educate yourself easily – the tool is very useful, technically i have to learn a lot but i am still progressing as i use the tool."

No image A working professional with vision impairment

"The actions I will take after the course are, to start using the cane on a regular basis and ask for the orientation of any new place. I am more confident with my mobility now."

No image A visually impaired course taker

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