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Livelihood resources, community driven, One stop for scaling

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Looking for solutions for livelihoods?
Use Academy for tools and resourcesUse Namma Vaani to network with rural population; Use Support Services (such as Eyeway) to support stakeholders.

Have products for scaling?

Do you have tools or models for scale? Working on models for enabling livelihoods?
Get access to the Academy platform to get a wider audience; Contact us to understand feasibility and to build the strategy.

Want to scale your work?

Want to run campaigns on Academy?
 Use existing community driven networks (DNA-Karnataka, Viable network, Workplace solutions champions network); Use platform to create community driven networks; Use Namma Vaani, tools and resources from Academy.

Some interesting statistics

45000+ visitors from 110 locations around the world
2000+ course takers
1200+  publications ordered
325+ resources

What People Say

“I visit Academy at least once a month and I'm definite I'm going to use the portal in the future. I'm very likely to recommend this site to my networks. We have worked closely with Enable India and learnt so much from them, through trainings, exposure, discussions, looking at what and how Enable India does.”

V Shesh Logo VShesh, Web Developer, Unify Theme

“Extremely useful. We use them in our TOTs extensively. We look to download more and more publications in the near future. Enable Academy is a great platform. We highly recommended it to our students and their parents, a one stop shop”

XRCVC Logo Faculty at XRCVC, Mumbai

“I run a volunteering community that works with PwD. The job awareness course has been very useful. It has a lot of information, videos especially. I'm using this course to teach visually impaired at various career camps, one every month, across Bangalore. I have signed up for various other courses on Academy. I have been using Academy frequently and will continue to”

No image Volunteer

“The platform has given me an opportunity to step back and rethink the long-term goals of my organization. I’ve better ideas. I’m more confident. Appreciate this initiative by DNA“

No image Asha Deepa Angavikalar Sarva Abhiwruddhi Seva Samsthe

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