Important Update - COVID 19

Because of the surge of COVID-19 cases in our city and in our neighbourhood, Enable India office will be shut till July 31st 2020. Our values move us to be responsible citizens in these critical times and look out for the welfare of our staff, candidates, and other stakeholders.

But our work is in full swing at our home offices. You can reach us at any time

In keeping with the government directive we have locked down our office due to the COVID-19 pandemic till further notice.  But our work is in full swing at our home offices. You can reach us at any time.
A runner with physical disability having prosthetic lower limbs


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Some interesting statistics

Transformed 2,20,000 lives of individuals with disabilities and stakeholders
70 to 81% PwD are supporting their families  14 disabilities
1050 locations in 28 states, 229 partner organizations from 27 countries
Rs. 1 Croreper personwith disabilityis saved by PSUswith their inclusionas a productiveemployee
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Success Stories

Photo of Cornelius

Hi, I am Cornelius from Meghalaya. I am visually impaired and come from a large family of 8 siblings. I travelled for the first time to get trained at EnAble India. I underwent a 10 month training, focusing on life skills, computers, English and mobility. I am now employed at Rediff in the spam operations team.  I am the first visually impaired employee in the company and the only family member to have got a degree and to be employed in a well-paid job.

Photo of Vidyalakshmi

I am Vidya Lakshmi and work in ThoughtFocus, a Mysore based IT consulting company. I have been deaf by birth and my father Ramesh, is an auto driver.  After the Employability training at Enable India, I got placed.  My parents are  proud that I am a primary contributer to the family income and include me in all decision making. 

Smiling photo of Avinash on his wheelchair

I’m Avinash, and I have spastic quadriplegia, a form of cerebral palsy. Through Enable India, I got an internship with an MNC. The internship has given me a new ambition to become an amazing programmer, and to teach and volunteer in the future!

Close up of Chandibai

I am Chandibai from Yadgiri district and have physical disability. My family falls below poverty line. Before the EDP training, I earned Rs. 1000. After I attended the EDP training, I improved my petty shop with my own investment of RS. 50000. Now I earn 5 times more than what I was earning before. I have also contested for the Panchayat election, to become a panchayat member.