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Bengaluru NGO to helpmake PwDs employable

The office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Goa has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Enable India, a leading NGO from Bengaluru, to collaborate on generating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities (PwDs) and offering them various courses to equip them with industry knowledge in Goa and outside the state.

Power of touch: how blind women are helping detect breast cancer in India

A scheme training visually impaired women to use their heightened tactile abilities benefits patients and examiners

Turning the odds

How visually impaired Ayeesha Banu and Noorunnissa, as Medical Tactile Examiners, are transforming the lives of women by examining and educating them on the importance of early diagnosis for breast cancer.

Evolution of Rupee for Rupee Philanthropy in India

Dipesh Sutariya talks about bridging the gap between vision and action through Social Venture Fund (SVF)

Sign up to bring change

On International Day of Sign Languages, members of and allies to the deaf community emphasise why it is crucial to learn sign language

What is the future of work for persons with disabilities?

As the working landscape shifts to a more flexible, remote, and less traditional one, let us explore what it means for people with disabilities.