Enable inclusion

Recruitment under Quota System; Equal opportunity for Employees with Disability; Making workplace inclusive for person with disability

Person with vision impairment smiling

Enable Inclusion customizes programs for Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and Government departments. We help in the Inclusion of Employees with Benchmark Disabilities* (EwDs) recruited under reservation/quota system. We enable an inclusive and supportive environment for providing equal opportunities. Our footprint is spread across 900+ locations in 27 states, covering 2.3 lakh kms.

*Disabilities a, b, c, d and e mentioned under The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act, 2016:

  1. Blindness and Low Vision;
  2. Deaf and Hard of Hearing;
  3. Locomotor disability including Cerebral Palsy, Leprosy cured, Dwarfism, Acid attack victims and Muscular Dystrophy;
  4. Autism, Intellectual Disability, Specific Learning Disability and Mental illness;
  5. Multiple disabilities from amongst persons under clauses (a) to (d) including Deaf-blindness in the posts identified for each disabilities

What work can be allocated to an Employee with Disability?

Work can be allocated to an Employee with Disability, after job analysis and mapping. 

Some interesting statistics

132 different tasks opened up for EwDs through Job Analysis. 97 tasks in BFSI (SBI, Vijaya Bank & others)  35 tasks in Govt Depts.

How to enhance skills and promote inclusive practices?

Skill Enhancement trainings and sensitization programs benefit Employees with Disability and their peers.  
2279 EwDs have attended skill enhancement trainings. 1265+ VI employees benefited through Field Implementation. 6800 peer employees and supervisors benefited through Field Implementation

How to include persons with disability?

By helping create an inclusive environment through our customized programs: Program for Inclusive & Adaptive trainers; Capacity Building for HR Managers; RPWD Consulting services; Infrastructure; Helpline Support 
1850+ decision makers benefited. 110+ Inclusive and Adaptive trainers. 11 Technical support members

What People Say

“I am here in this branch since 2 months and this is the first time I am having an employee with vision impairment in my branch. I have seen him working on par with all other employees in the branch and his work has reduced the load of other counters. He is genuinely offering good services to the customers.”

No image available .Mr. Srinivas Rao, Chief Manager,SBI

“This is the first time in my career and life I have seen such a program where emphasis is given for the inclusion of persons with disabilities, my sincere thanks to EnAble India for such a great program”

No image available Mr. Vijay Dube, General Manager, Vijaya Bank

“The solution of barcode on the passbook is not only helping the visually impaired employees but other employees to be productive”

No image available Debashish Sarkar, CGM, SBI, at the Workability Conference

“No words to explain the way he is productive. Gopal is the branch pet. The word excellent is less to explain about him and his commitment is high. The sensitization conducted by Enable India has helped SBI to treat the PwDs on par with the team”

No image available Mr. Narasimham, AGM, SBI

Our Partners

Logos - State Bank of India; State Bank of Hyderabad; State Bank of Mysore; National Cadet Corps; Vijaya Bank; National Centre for Biological Sciences; Govt. of Karnataka- Department of Treasuries,Rural Development and Panchayat Raj; Hindustan Aeronautics Limited